Project Management

We have worked on many projects and what has always led to a positive client outcome has been our ability to take the stress away.

We work extremely closely with a team who have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We also then ensure we manage and guide any external contractors, to ensure the clients vision is always implemented at every point.

If we are undertaking bespoke work we are more than happy to research, seek out and speak with supplies and comply with client wishes. Once we have a full understanding of what is required we are able to then implement it in a way which ensures it meets our client’s expectations.

There is nothing worse and trying to maintain your busy lifestyle and run your home project simultaneously. We ensure we have an onsite presence to meet and instruct all parties accordingly, and we ensure a high standard of quality is met at all times. We maintain a professional service throughout, meaning the outside of your home is clean and clear, and where possible noise it kept to a minimum. We take care in everything we do, whether is protected your furniture, or closing off areas of your property to ensure they remain clean and protected. We strive to ensure minimal disruption and to avoiding causing any unnecessary stress and also take into consideration of your neighbours.